Woodrow Wilson Tutoring Partnership is a program that partners Wesleyan students with two Woodrow Wilson Middle School students as a tutor and mentor. The Wesleyan student works with each student individually twice a week. Although primarily a literacy program, Woodrow Wilson also works to address the aspects of middle school life outside of the classroom that may affect a student’s success.

The program was started by a Wesleyan student who did a project through African American studies department on education. Throughout her time at Woodrow Wilson she recognized that certain students need more support, socially and academically. She felt that college students could work as role models to promote self-motivation, as well as paint a different picture of learning.

Time Commitment:  Four hours per week (two hour shifts two days a week)

Van Schedule:
Monday: 8:40-10:40, 10:30-12:50, 12:30-2:40
Tuesday: 10:30-12:50, 12:30-2:40
Wednesday: 10:30-12:50, 12:30-2:40
Thursday: 8:40-10:40, 10:30-12:50, 12:30-2:40
Friday: 10:30-12:50, 12:30-2:40


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